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海納百川 :

通過咖啡茶產業建立一個世界級的產業橋樑和平台,與地緣政治經濟戰略的匹配;以加強中國國家綜合實力。和以用一帶一路地緣政治經濟戰略, 覆蓋在世界各地所有的市場份額。

香港及中國咖啡和茶學院為的(CTAA)是香港主要的非政府組織,以及立體農業地緣政治經濟學院(3-DAGE Academy)






Missions: Be Tolerant to Diversity with Peace of Mind to Build a World-Class Industry Bridge and Platform to all people around the world.

The Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & China (HKCCTA) is the main non-governmental organization as well as a subsidiary of ​​3-D AGE Academy ( 3 Dimensional Agro-Geopolitical Economic Academy for establish educational platform & system for building new generation for coffee industry to perform in professional & capable manner, bringing together exporting and importing players, coffee farmers & professional icons to tackle the challenges facing the world coffee sector through international cooperation.

Our mission is to strengthen the global coffee sector and promote its sustainable expansion in a market-based environment for the betterment of all participants in the coffee sector. It makes a practical contribution to the development of a sustainable world coffee sector and to reducing poverty in developing countries.

Coffee is the second largest economy after the huge industry of the petroleum industry, but the problems arisen from the political and economic aspects of COFFEE & TEA can influence and impact to the whole world.

The Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & China is committed to study the problems and situations in the coffee community, particularly on the structure of the Greater China market, and its review of potential and international competitive environment and geopolitics of the development .

The Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & China has been working in joint efforts with global partners to promote education and the study of coffee certification system, and more importantly making a presentation to the United Nations about the global coffee industry.

Most Asian and even European and American parties have a common misunderstanding that the coffee culture and history was begun in Europe, and all the technologies and standards are developed and evolved from the European countries and America. However, the historical documents of coffee can be found from the Middle East and East Africa, and most of the Muslim countries. Thus, coffee is in fact the historical culture and property of Muslim countries starting from millennium of years.

After the Ottoman Empire and the Crusades covered the whole of Europe with years of war, and during the time when the Catholic Church Pope began to drink the first cup of coffee, coffee was introduced to Orthodox, Christian, and Catholic community until today.

The Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & China is aiming to look into the Global Strategy of the coffee & tea development, and then gradually build up our own coffee industry standards, systems, indicators and certification systems, and ease the controversial coffee politics, and stop the improper acts of some unqualified coffee experts due to their own business benefits, so as to promote the healthy development of the standard and certification systems, and fair trade for the coffee & tea industry.

The Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & China aims to promote the coffee and tea industry as its mission to protect Chinese interests in the Greater China market, and nurture future generation and successors to create and complete a new chapter of coffee culture in the history.


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